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Heyyyy guys!!

So, last month I had the pleasure of attending the Mapleton Crescent SW18 Supper Club, hosted by Pocket Living. The impressively seamless evening featured presentations from the key individuals involved in the creation of Mapleton Crescent SW18, Pocket Living's latest residential masterpiece In Wandsworth.



One of the best things about being an artist, is getting to learn and be involved in design innovation; Pocket Living's latest development in Wandsworth, Mapleton Crescent SW18, epitomises that!

In this blog I will concentrate on:

1) How Pocket Living are redefining the 'living experience'

2) The impact of colour and design

So, what is Pocket Living? 


Aside from a chance to network with some like-minded people in the creative industry for an evening, my involvement in this project was an easy, YES! Pocket Living and my own, #artlife ethos are very much aligned. We now live in an experienced economy, where people have shifted from passive consumption to active participation.  I spend all of my time out and about: hopping between meetings, live murals, studio sessions. There are SO many moving parts to my business to manage, it's EXHAUSTING. The impact that my career has on my personal housing arrangements are huge. My priorities are: simplicity and accessibility. I've learnt that the Pocket Living packages cater for those that share the same experience-centric values that I do, whilst also having an eye for design.


Pocket Living have got it spot on. They understand that value for 'Londoners' is no longer derived from luxury items and material-spending, its defined by the quality of our experiences. The accessible new-builds for city-dwellers mean that buying a property no longer has to be a burden. 

The evening was focused on Mapleton Crescent SW18, Pocket Living’s latest development in Wandsworth. The building features two spaces for residents to enjoy - a roof terrace and residents' lounge. For me, owning a business, meeting other people is a constant source of inspiration. It was interesting to learn about a London developer so passionate about their sense of community. 

During the evening, architect partner Neil Deely, discussed how the use of intelligent design work meant that the spacious feel, normally lost with smaller residencies, has not been compromised. Which leads me nicely onto my favourite bit - the aesthetics! 


The impact of colour and design

As an artist, colour is such an important part of my day-to-day. I make a living out of adding colour to people's homes, so when the next speaker, Pantone’s Abigail Bruce presented, I was literally loving life!! She discussed how it can create an atmosphere and set the tone of a space- which i know all too well! 



Abigail discussed Patone's Colour of The Year, 2017  'Greenery, 15 - 0343'. There is a huge push for 'the need for green' lately in city-life as it fashions a much needed calming sanctuary. Green conjures up comforting images of countryside and it's marriage with Mapleton Crescent's exterior, is a match made it heaven!


I loved that Pocket Living pushed against London's stereotypical grey to colour the external with a a blue/green ceramic tile. I understand the nuances of colour and the importance of how it reacts in different lights across different materials. Ceramicist Loraine Rutt who was commissioned to develop the tile, then spoke about her back and forth with prototyping. All in a bid to get it just right (which I respect so much). The detail and time involved in achieving this aesthetic really can't be underestimated, but the finished piece, really is something to be celebrated! 





What a pleasure to be involved with such a well-organised event. What a pleasure to learn about changing the ideals of living in London, and to learn more about Pocket Living, a developer truly focused on creating spaces that young people can thrive in. As a member of Wimbledon Art Studios I understand the importance of community to be the most productive and happiest version of yourself. Finally, what a pleasure to chat about the importance of design and colour and raise awareness about how it impacts EVERYTHING! 



Loads of love,

Sophie xxx


The Pocket Living mission is to help city makers make London their home. Their Pocket homes provide compact one bedroom affordable homes for young Londoners local to the development, whilst their larger two and three bedroom Pocket Edition homes are available to all.

 A limited number of Pocket Edition homes are still available at Mapleton Crescent SW18! To find out more visit or call 020 7291 3683 to arrange a visit to their newly launched show home.



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