BALI TAKEOVER - Everything You Need to Know About 100 Nudes

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The whole team is in Bali ahhhhh! We are launching a very special collection which has been on the radar for some time now… THE NUDES


Yes you heard right. We are finally releasing the nude women which you may have seen snippets of earlier this year on Facebook and Instagram stories. And what better place to release them than Bali?! Sophie has been working really hard to perfect these sketches and so many followers have sent in their beautiful bodies for Sophie to study and practice with. This is such an amazing process and we can’t really believe it’s happening and the effect it’s having, this release is actually going to be the breast one yet… lol!

I've answered our most common questions we were getting from emails and Instagram DM about the release below. If you’d like to read Sophie’s reason for her transition then click here for her first Instagram post introducing the nudes.

Thursday 24th October. 8PM BST.

Why 100 pieces?
To introduce this new style, Sophie has decided to create 100 pieces and only after these pieces will she begin painting commissions. The reason for this is for Sophie to document the process and allow you guys to be part of it.

What size are they?
The pieces are A4 which is around 8”x12”, if you choose to have your piece framed please allow a couple of inches each way.

How much are they each?
They are £500 each and come in a float mount and frame.

What is ‘float mounting’?
’Float mounting’ creates an illusion that the artwork is floating on top of the mat and inside the frame. It creates a really beautiful and modern look and we felt it would suit this project beautifully. Click here for a google search to help you visualise this.

Can we still pay in instalments?
Yes of course. Each piece will be listed as a £100 deposit + deivery as usual and the remainder of £400 can be paid in 4 monthly instalments of £100 :)

How long will it take to receive my piece after purchasing?
We typically advise up to 4 weeks for original artwork to allow framing, quality checks and packaging. Please note Sophie is in Bali until the beginning of November and she is bringing all pieces unframed in hand luggage to minimise risk. The pieces will then be framed on her return.

’Thank you so much for being here, can’t wait for you all to see what I’ve been working on. This is going to be something special. Lots of love from Sophie xxxxx’


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