Top 10 Classic Mum Quotes! Mothers Day Discount - 20% off ALL Animal Prints

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In celebration of all you lovely mummies out there we’re offering 20% off all Animal Prints!


Get those hints started for the kids and/or your partner, the discount will start on Saturday. Allowing plenty of time to place those orders in time for 30th March.

Sophie asked you guys to submit your classic mum sayings and we got SO many repeats hahah. There must be a book we don’t know about…

1. If (insert friend’s name) jumped off a cliff would you do it too!?
2. Were you born in a barn? The door is slightly ajar
3. I’m not your personal taxi service!
4. It’s not big and it’s not clever
5. What did your last slave die of?!
6. It’s like Blackpool illuminations in here! It’s literally just the main light mum
7. I haven’t sat down ALL day!
8. It’s like a bombs gone off in here! When there’s a few tshirts on the floor
9. Because I said so
10. ‘I’m hungry’ ‘Have a piece of fruit then’
Sophie’s Favourite - ‘Mum can I eat this’ ‘No it’s for Christmas’

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