☕⏰ Introducing... TEA TIME ☕⏰ - The New, Easier Way to Get an Abstract You LOVE!

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On Sunday at 8pm we are kickstarting TEA TIME, a brand new idea helping you get the Sophie Tea Art Original you want! If you keep missing out on Originals via Sophie Tea’s IG Stories or Posts, this is for you!!! So continue reading… thanks.


Sophie no longer takes any commissions, the demand is extremely high at the moment and this is why they are always gone before you can send your DM to say ME. Tea Time is here to help out with all of this…. ☕⏰

So 6pm Sunday 28th April, we will be releasing a product drop which will be a product page with ALL of Sophie’s recent abstracts, in different shapes, sizes and prices. The link will be released 30 minutes early to everyone who is signed up to the newsletter so click here if you’re not already! They will then be released on the last Sunday of every month from this date onwards!


Sophie is set on making her work accessible and affordable for you guys so for this reason everything will be listed as a deposit. All you need to do is pay for the deposit to secure your art, then select whether you would like to pay the remainder in instalments or in full. We will then send an email with your payment link for the remainder of your payment.

Once they’re gone, they’re GONE, so please be quick and MAKE SURE you sign up. You’ve been warned!!! ☕⏰☕⏰☕⏰

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