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Right we’ve had loads of questions about ‘TEATIME’ so I thought I’d answer some common ones. This way you can all be as prepared as possible come SUNDAY 29th JUNE 8PM (BST).


What actually is TEATIME?
So on the last Sunday of every month, Sophie releases a number of large Original Abstracts on Canvas on the website. They vary in size, colours and numbers every month so you never really know what you’re going to get. (Unless there’s some occasional sneak peaks on her Instagram…)

Can I pay in instalments?
Always! Basically the products are listed as £250 (+ delivery) and then you’ll get a link to pay the remainder in either full or instalments depending on your choice. Super easy!

Do we have to pay for framing?
Nope! For the large pieces (all pieces on Teatime) we always include complimentary framing :)

After I pay, how long will it take to get my piece?
For all original art we allow 4 weeks for delivery as sometimes if it’s bigger it has to have a special courier and/or if your piece hasn’t been framed yet. However it can be as soon as a few days! If you have any concerns about delivery dates just send an email over to ella@sophieteaart.com

Do you get early access if you’re signed up to the Newsletter?
Yesssss. We release ALL of our product line 30 minutes early (7:30pm) to our newsletter subscribers so make sure you’re registered to The Tea Party xxxx


Good luck everyone! We hope you find a piece you love. SET YOUR ALARMS xxxxxxx

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