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Hiyaaaa guys!

We have NEWSSSSSS. The A3 product drop IS BACK and in celebration of this weekends insane heatwave (plus you know we love a pun), we have named it ‘Drop it Like It’s Hot!’


Sophie will be releasing 100 A3 Abstracts on Canvas this Saturday (27th July) at 11am (BST). The last time we had an A3 release they were on paper and in a frame however we have now given them a sickkkk upgrade!

How much is a piece and how do I pay?
Each piece is £600 and will be listed as a £150 deposit to secure your piece. This is to give people the option to pay in either instalments or in full. You simply tick a box to let us know how you would prefer to pay, then we send you a link :)

Do the pieces come framed?
Having your piece framed is completely optional! The pieces are £600 and it’s an extra £50 to have your piece framed in either black or white, whichever colour matches your furniture or enhances your painting! This £50 just gets added onto the payment link we send out to you.

What are the exact measurements of the canvas?
They are 12”x16” without a frame, if you choose to have it framed it adds about an inch on (13”x17”).

How long does it take to get my piece?
We say to allow 2 weeks however your piece usually arrives within a week.

Are the pieces signed?
Yes all the pieces are signed! We often photograph the pieces before Sophie has signed them but don’t worry!


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