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Hi loveliessssss,

Hope you’re all OK and staying safe indoors as much as physically possible.

We’ve all been brainstorming about how we can spread some tips or positivity to you guys because we have to look after our minds and bodies at this very intense time! Obvs we also had to make a TEA pun to go with it so we’re introducing… quaranTEAne! (Quarantine lol Hehehe) xx

Sophie will be sharing lots of Art Therapy videos (as seen before) and Hannah and I will be sharing tips about our passions and hobbies too! We will also be talking about how we’re managing as a small business and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you guys have about ANYTHING.

For this first blog post we’d just like to introduce the some basic isolation and self-care top tips, accompanied by some lovely pics and GIFs to make you smile xxx


There are so many home workouts you can find online to get active or go out for a walk or run. As long as you’re following the regulations! Keep those endorphins going and let’s get off the sofa! Yoga is great for the mind and we find really helps with anxiety. Try out mine and Hannah’s favourites Hot Pod Yoga, they’re accepting small donations to give them a hand but you can book on for free too.


Keeping in contact with friends and family is super important for our mental health right now. Pick up the phone for catchups whenever you can. We’ve all just downloaded House Party, which allows you to chat in groups, connect with your whole contact list and even play games! Get ready for virtual games night… you’re welcome.


Whatever your creative release might be, now is the time to do it! Again, it’s so good for your mind and if you’ve got kiddies to look after, why not create something together. Art saves Sophie every time. Who knows, you might actually be really good at it… like Sophie’s modelling and styling talents. Or you might be really bad lol, but that’s OK too! ART IS ART.


Look after yourselves first and foremost guys! Be mindful when you need to go out, practice social distancing. We want this thing to be over so we can go and have a bloody art show and have a naked catwalk you know?! No but seriously. Stay inside when possible, lets show some appreciation to our key-workers xxx


I know it doesn’t help when you’re told to calm down or chill out. But lets all make a conscious effort to cheer people up when we can. Keep smiling, keep dancing and we’ll all get through this together xxx

Love you all, thank you for being here.

The Sophie Tea Art Team


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