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Hey loveliesss!

So tonight at 8pm we have some new goodies dropping 🍭🤍 The link will be live on the website orrrr you can sign up to our newsletter to get early release at 7:30pm so set your alarm and act quick if you want an original Sophie Tea on ya wall!!

Acrylic paint on perspex
Mounted onto a ROSE GOLD mirror
Framed up nice and bouji in a thick, handmade, white frame

To our newbies that might now know how everything works.... basically, we allow you to pay in instalments. That means all you need to do today is pay £100 deposit to reserve your piece. We will then be in touch with how you would like to pay your remainder. In full or in instalments.

If you select instalments, you pay £125 a month for 12 months - and you get the artwork straight away xxxx so many people are like whyyy do you give out the artwork without a full payment. YOU KNOW MY ANSWER? You gotta trust the world. Do you know how many people have not paid for their artwork. ZERO. As of 1 minute ago we are on 4515 orders. That’s sick hey, so yeh, of course you can get the artwork straight away. More time to enjoy it forever and ever xxx

okay bye love you. xxxxx ps, I know where you live haha


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