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It’s official. We made it into the Sunday Times. Omg!!!!

This is major excitement for Sophie and everyone in the TEA team. How bloody amazing. We actually can’t believe it. First of many features we hope hahah, we couldn’t have asked for better news on a Sunday!!!



‘Making a real exhibition of yourself — it’s the best part of being a human canvas’- Lucy Holden, The Sunday Times


These three amazing ladies; Lucy, Lizzie and Danielle, arrived in our Carnaby store last Wednesday. Sophie was about to make them her human canvas.

It was Lucy who decided to write up her experience being painted. You can read the full article in the Times, Here!

I couldn’t even count how many women Sophie has painted throughout her nudes era, but it is a lot. Each one, braving to strip off their clothes and get naked. This was just another example of women celebrating their bodies and allowing Sophie to do what she does best; paint!

The Weekend before was our WALDORF NUDIE CATWALK. Sophie is still recovering from transforming 50 strong women into beautiful rainbows. “I’m still aching now” she says. It’s not surprising after her signature ‘splatted finishrequires flinging white paint at every girl with intense force… hahah so worth it though.


(If you missed the show, you can still watch the live stream here!!)

After being painted, Lucy described the finished effect of her new look as “curiously protective, like I’m wearing a full suit of clothes. I feel like I could go on stage at the Globe wearing this”.

Despite not being able to strut their stuff at the Globe, Sophie instead took the ladies down Carnaby street to show off their beautiful colours. Carnaby was their runway!


`This has been really major for the TEA team, thank you all so much to everyone for being here for it.

If you have any piccies of you grabbing your copy of the TIMES please please tag us, we love seeing them!!!

Love you all!


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