Sophie Tea team were delighted to attend the private view of the exhibition ‘A tribute to her Majesty’ featuring Artwork from three royal artists, Rob MundayFrancesSegelman, and Christian Furr, who all portrayed the late Queen Elizabeth II at various stages of her life through different mediums of art.

We wanted to share our highlights from the exhibition and a little more about the Artists on display. A massive Thanks goes to the wonderful Mind charity for the invitation!


Frances Segelman’s royal sculptures were the first pieces that caught our eyes in the exhibition space. Three bronze busts of HM the Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH King Charles, were striking and held a huge presence in the room. The likeness to the three royal individuals was remarkable and their faces expressive, each one capturing the unique personality of the Royals. 

Frances is one of the most successful sculptors in Britain, famous for her bronze busts of the Royal family. Often working quickly in front of an audience, Frances aims to capture her subjects personality and emotion, expressing their immediacy and likeness, which she did effortlessly in her work exhibited.

Something which we at Sophie Tea have always been passionate about, is supporting other female Artists, in a world dominated by Men. To see the work of a successful, respected and talented artist representing HM the Queen through her sculptor, was inspiring and we were excited to speak to Frances about her work. Like Sophie, Frances works with Mind charity supporting and advocating their work for mental health. We were proud to support her in the exhibition and see her work up close.


Christian Furr, exhibited two brand-new 'diamond dust on canvas' portraits of the Queen, based on an unreleased photograph of her. The two pieces, in pinks, greys and blacks depicted the Queen with a glamorous twist, whilst still letting her warm and kind nature shine through in her expression. Of course, the pink glitter piece had to be our favourite….

Furr is the youngest artist ever to be commissioned to paint an official portrait of the Queen, he described how he wanted to show both regal and human qualities of her Majesty when first selected for the commission. Even in his most recent work, this was inevitable.


Rob Munday’s work, a modern take on a portrait of the Queen, used 3D lenticular printing to depict a moving expression of her Majesty the Queen. When moving from one side to the other, the Queens expression would change, bringing the entire portrait to life. 

Rob Munday is best-known for creating the first officially commissioned holographic portrait of Her Majesty the Queen in 2004. The portrait, 'Equanimity' has since become one of the most iconic portraits of the Queen and now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. 

The exhibition, curated by Quantus Gallery and Grove Gallery, runs from the 28th September until 12th October 2022. You can find them at 11-29 Fashion street, London and is worth a visit if you can get there! 


Sophie Tea Art xxx