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Who am I?

Hello everyone, my name is Silvia and I am a 22 year old Spanish girl that studies journalism and humanities at uni!

How is the day of an intern at Sophie Tea Art?

I leave my house at 8 a.m and it takes me two hours until I get to the Studio (I live in a small village outside of London), once I get there Sophie and I start to plan the day, we usually start with a brainstorm.

There is always a lot to do: if I am not approaching brands, I am looking for vintage denim jackets suppliers, taking pictures, editing videos, pulling together press releases, working on festival installations or drinking loads of TEA.

We arrive early, and we finish late but its amazing to see how every project goes forward, this brings energy for repeating the process the next day.



How did you know Sophie?

I found her on Instagram a year and a half ago when I bumped into her colourful giraffe, I went to her IG and I fell even more in love with the positive vibes she transmitted.

How did you get the job?

I saw that Sophie posted the position on Instagram and I applied the same day. After a week she called me and apparently she liked me. The day after that call I started to work searching the internet for her Manchester Bee project.

Why did you apply?

Because I wanted to take part in the amazing art life that I saw through Sophie´s social media and guess what, I found out that its even better than how I imagined!

Over time when I saw pictures or read her posts I felt inspired by Sophie being a #Girlboss. Now a-days, I feel surrounded by creativity every time I walk into the studio, I have recently started to create an audience on Instagram and I have future plans of setting up my own clothing brand!

To keep you updated with me ;) @Silvis_cs

How is Sophie as a Boss ?

Sophie is a cool boss, she works extremely hard every day and you learn so much on the process.

Her art brand is expanding right now and you need to be very quick and organised in everything you do in order to keep up and work well with her. Each day is different from the one before and a new challenge is on your table every morning.

This job is beyond exciting, stimulating and in my personal opinion it’s a lifetime opportunity.


How has this experience changed you?

I finish uni next year and even though I started studying the degree extremely motivated, as each academic year passed I felt it was impossible to achieve my dream job. (I want to be a fashion director for a magazine).

But after spending my first week interning I had the opportunity to experiment for myself that if you really love what you do and you WORK extremely hard it is possible to live your dreams.

This has been a life changing and eye-opening experience!

Loads of colourful love Silvia xx

P.S. If you work in fashion or any creative job you may want to consider hiring me! <3

Socials: @Silvis_cs



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