The Art of Asking '01' and '02'


Small (A3) | £400
Medium (A2) | £700
Large (A1) | £1,000
XL (35"x50") | £1,300

In a world where a single question can change the course of your life, "The Art of Asking" collection draws inspiration from the transformative power of a simple inquiry. Just as Sophie's life was altered forever by her daring midnight request in India, this collection is a celebration of the courage to ask for what you desire.

In the spirit of her origin story, this collection reminds us that asking for what we want can lead to unexpected and beautiful outcomes. The art of asking, whether for something serious or humorous, specific or vague, is a vital ritual for living authentically.

Join us on a journey that explores the magic of requesting, within the realm of "The Art of Asking," you'll discover that more often than not, when you ask, the universe responds with a resounding "YES!"

  • Hand signed and numbered by Sophie Tea
  • Worldwide shipping and taxes included
  • Pay in full or in monthly instalments
  • £100 discount if both prints are purchased