Brand New Launch - The Sophie Tea Gift Set

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We have launched a BRAND NEW product for Christmas, introducing… The Sophie Tea Gift Set!!!


Know someone that loves Sophie Tea Art? Know someone that loves tea? Know someone that loves reusable bags? Know someone that loves abstract art? Know someone that loves ALL OF THE ABOVE? Well here you go, this is the PERFECT gift.

Includes Original Framed Abstract Mini, £50 Gift Card, The Psychedelic Lion Mug and an Amelia Tote Bag, all worth £200 and you get them all for £150!!!

You can select from the Abstract Mini Colour Scheme:

RAINBOW, COASTLINE (emerald, brown, amber, greens)
MONOCHROME (black, white, greys, silver)
COSMIC NIGHT (pinks, blues, purples)
COSMIC DAY (pastel pinks, pastel blues, pastel purples)
EMERALD FLARE (greens, teal, turquoise, emerald, blues)
MIDNIGHT BLUES (deep blue, baby blue, greys)
OYSTER (oranges, pinks, peach, maroons, browns)

We asked everyone on Sophie’s Instagram to vote for their favourite charities for 5% of all purchases to be donated to. You can select from the three highest winners WWF, Superstar Arts and Alzheimer’s Society.

Happy Christmas and Happy Shopping Everyone!!!

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