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Introducing you to… ‘QUARANTINE STUDIES’

We are so excited to show you the very start of this journey…


It’s time! My new era: WORDS 🎙

I’m ready to roll the dice again 🎲 Change and taking risks is what keeps me ALIVE! I don’t know what the next stage looks like for me yet. But I DO know, if I don’t just LEAP, then I’ll never find out!! 🤍

Hotel Quarantine, although I wish it never happened, did give me the time to play with the pressure off. I conceptualised 58 studies on paper. Each one is about how I was feeling during that time. If you look closely you’ll see scribbled journal entries of me: being a savage/feeling sorry for myself/giving myself a pep talk…. THE LOT. 💭 They are all so personal, but even so, I know so many of you have already found a way to relate to them in some way or another - and that’s literally why I do what I do x

YES, I am so worried that it’s going to flop. Can you imagine the regret if it does?!! Life is great right now, so why not just continue what I’m doing? Well, I don’t really have the answer to that! But, what I do have, is an overwhelming URGE to change. And if you aren’t true to yourself and your desires, what is the actual point of life??!!!

For the first time ever the original pieces will be going on the website 24 hours before they go LIVE. This way you can check out what I’ve been working on and see if you like it xxxx
I really hope you do 🤍
All my love xxx

Sophie Tea

Okay so there’s the story in short, now onto the dates about the pieces…

Limited Numbers
Be quick!

What size are the pieces?
Size of artwork: A3 (297x420mm)
Size with frame: 326x450x36mm


Bouji black handmade professional frame included

How much?
Frame and Delivery Included

Can I pay in monthly instalments?
Yes, always!
12 x £175 monthly instalments

How does it work?
Each piece is listed as a deposit of £175. You will then tick a box which asks how you’d like to pay for the remainder of your piece. Within 2 working days, you will receive an email with your ‘remaining payment’ link.

Once you subscribe to your instalments link, the second payment will come out straight away and then the same amount will come out on the same date as this second payment, on each month. Please note second payment isn’t due until 4 weeks after your deposit but your piece won’t be sent out until you have subscribed.

I want to pay in full, can I?
Yes you just check the box for full payment. A ‘remaining payment’ link is sent for full payment instead. Please note your piece won’t be shipped out until full payment is received if you have opted in for this.

If you’ve changed your mind about how you’d like to pay, that’s no problem at all. Just either reply to the email sent or if it’s before you’ve received it, just pop an email to

How long is delivery?
All of these products are professionally framed and packaged beautifully in bespoke boxes so please be a little patient. All our pieces typically take 6-8 weeks but we are going to make sure they are dispatched within 4-6 weeks of placing your order so you get your pieces in time for Christmas. You will receive regular shipping updates as soon as your piece has left the studio. With options to amend your delivery incase you’re not in!

Are the pieces signed?
Yes all will be hand signed by Sophie Tea!

Can I see the pieces beforehand?
For the FIRST TIME we are doing a live preview of all pieces 24 hours before the launch!!!
All you need to do is check the website at 10am (GMT) on Saturday 6th November, and browse away. Then make a note of where it is and be quick on Sunday xxx

Early pre-release?
As always, if you’re subscribed to the newsletter, you’ll get the link 30 minutes early via email with the password. Click here to subscribe.




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