(29/01 - 10AM) INSTAGRAM LIVE & GIVEAWAY: Chatting HOLO OKs with Sophie Tea!

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Plus a chance to win a piece from the brand new collection.
10am (GMT)
Saturday 29th January
Instagram LIVE


We are really excited to announce Sophie will be going LIVE on instagram this Saturday 29th 10am (GMT) to take you through all of the pieces for her newest collection, ‘HOLO OKs’.

During Sophie’s IG Live, a lucky viewer will be chosen to pick one of these original pieces to keep! The prize will include a little something extra if that person has also submitted a ‘Title’ in the comments of Sophie’s latest Insta post

Sophie has asked her followers to help name these special new pieces, Starting with: ‘IT’S OK….’



Hiyaa xx SO, I need your help naming my pieces ahead of my drop on Sunday 💿🤍 comment below what you would title one of my artworks 🌈🌈🌈
Starting with: ‘IT’S OK….’ 🤍 I want you to let me know, what is?! So for example mine would be ‘IT’S OK IF YOU DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR FOR A WEEK’. Or ‘IT’S OK TO JUST TRUST THE PROCESS’. So comment below with your Sophie Tea Art title 💿

I’ve really enjoyed sharing the making of this collection and it continues LIVE on IG Saturday 10am U.K. time where I will be talking through each of my pieces and revealing all the names that I’ve chosen from these comments xxxx On that IG live, a lucky viewer will be able to pick one of these original pieces to keep! The prize actually includes a very sneaky extra if the person on the LIVE also submits a title in the comments below xxx
SOOOO, it all starts with the title below! And all will be revealed ⚡️⚡️See you Saturday morning at 10am U.K. time for the live ❤️

So to break it down, the Insta LIVE will be at 10am (GMT) Saturday 29th, 24 hours before the drop. This is the same time as the preview page goes LIVE on our website. You will be able to browse the entire collection, along with Sophie Tea and pick your faves before they’re up for grabs.

As well as talking about all of the new pieces, Sophie will be picking a winner on the live, if you have ALSO submitted a title on the post above, you will get an extra special something! Get ready for any questions you may have for Sophi or feel free to just have a bit of a chit chat. Can’t wait to see you there with a morning brew xxxx

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