Nicky's Donation: Win an Original Artwork


For those of you that don’t know… Nicky was a Nudie, an icon and one of the strongest and most beautiful souls on the planet!

Nicky sadly recently passed away to stage 4 breast cancer. I first heard about this FORCE back in 2019 when many of her loving followers slid into my dms. ‘Walking Naked for Sophie Tea Art’ was in-fact on Nicky’s ‘living list’. After I stalked her IG profile it took me all of about 3 seconds to understand that this human was very special. Her mantra was living for the present. Her overwhelming commitment to that cause was something I will always look up to her for.

In 2020 Nicky stripped nude and joined 20 other Nudies and walked the streets of London to celebrate women and our beautiful bodies. She remained a part of our little family community, helping paint the next cohort of Nudies at the Waldorf Show in 2021.

Over the years she inspired SO many to take BIG leaps towards living their life to the full. To quit the job, to speak up, to cut your hair, to take control, to appreciate the little things, to LOVE your body. The positive impact Nicky had on so many, me included (x 100) is immeasurable and I’m so blessed to have known this lady.

I decided to paint a special something for her and her family to keep forever but she had other ideas to further impact those around her...

Nicky was so passionate about helping others in need. She has done tremendous work with raising awareness and funds to those living with breast cancer and wishes to support more!! So here goes...

If you want to WIN this piece or an original painting from my archives then all you have to do is donate any amount through the link. The winner can choose from any available original painting. All proceeds will be split evenly between 2 charities chosen by Nicky.

Future Dreams who have been her ‘angels’ and they provide practical and emotional support for those diagnosed with breast cancer, promote health awareness and fund vital secondary breast cancer research.

Willow Foundation, a beautiful cause that are dedicated to helping young adults take much needed time out from the reality of living with serious illness, creating magic moments that become lasting memories.

You can donate anything from as little as £1, appreciate your continued support. Thank you so much.

Lots of love,

Sophie xx