WaterAid Auction at Saatchi Gallery

Total of over £23,000 raised for WaterAid


'Cascade', 2023


Original Artwork on Canvas

Thanks to everyone who supported the Art of Change Auction with British Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery. We raised over £23,000 which will support communities around the world without clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. So proud to support WaterAid alongside some amazing artists such as Zandra Rhodes, Robert Smith, Jane Seymour, Ben Eine, Pure Evil, Alan Titchmarsh and more! 


A note from Sophie:

How did this happen??!!

Feeling extremely grateful to finally be able to say my work was hung in the Saatchi Gallery and for such a wonderful cause. Those of you that don’t know my journey as an artist, it began almost 9 years ago, being rejected by every single gallery I applied for. I think I realised pretty quickly that having no art degree, no contacts and honestly, a very small amount of skill - I was going to have to find a different route to find ANY type of success doing what I really loved… painting. To ANYONE that pursues a creative path, you know that it is NOT for the faint hearted. Aside from the constant fear, self doubt, random spurts of creative energy at midnight fucking up any chance of normality. The chaos, the sacrifices of stability, the general skintness and judgement… ASIDE from all of that… you actually have to learn how to paint!

For me personally, it’s been a tough skill-up. About 2 years ago I came to a point where I decided to take a few steps back to allow me to push forward. Might sound silly but I always so afraid to make the transition from acrylic paint to oil paint. I bet any non-painters might think I’m mad but it really was a big block. The learning curve was hard and I turned to abstracts to help me break the back of it. My god there is so much crap art bts before I make something I’m happy with. I guess this is why this piece is so special to me, it’s technically the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried and it’s a NUDE in oil. Working with the female form is my passion and it feels so nice to put this out there in the world and see my skills starting to catch up with my vision xxx 🌍

Not really sure what I'm getting at but I wanted to journal how very blessed I feel to be able to be doing what I love. It really is because of all of you lot believing in me before I had any SAATCHINESS to my name. 🤍🤍 I love you lots and lots and I’m not stopping… ever!