Sunday 20th August

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What Is a Colour Study?

It's formal definition; usually a small, low stakes painting focuses on color arrangements.

Its purpose is to make an assessment on palette, light and mood before committing to bigger works.

For me a colour study is a form of play. Making them is perhaps the only bit of structure I allow into my daily creative practice. It's painting for the love of it. It's the first thing I do every morning and it's what I get excited about before I go to bed. It's like a brain dump of my unhinged energy on paper.

But also a place for me to learn with no pressure. Some of them are awful (and haven't been selected for this drop haha ) but in others, there is pure magic.


I'm eager for these pieces to fill your walls with the same joy they have given me for so many years. I hope you find one you connect with and I can't wait to reveal the names I've chosen, because they, too, have a story of their own.

Sophie xxx