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Asking one single question changed my life.

In India at midnight August 17th 2015, I painted my first ever mural!!! I was 22, had just graduated from university and I was approximately 1 hour away from officially turning down my graduate scheme in London.

I had just arrived at this hostel in Jaipur. The place was a creative wonderland with graffiti all over the walls. I was very low on funds and suddenly I had an idea!!!! To this day, I still don’t know where I found courage, but I asked a question that shaped who I am today. ‘May I paint on the wall in exchange for a free night stay?’

It kind of doesn’t feel like a big thing to ask looking back, but I remember SO vividly how nervous I was. I didn’t want to come across as rude, but I remember staring at the blank wall in the kitchen with a sudden urge to paint a COW haha??!! I hadn’t painted since school and had no portfolio of work to show, so I was so shocked and over-joyed when the answer was, YES!! It was from that moment knew I wanted to be an artist.

‘The Art Of Asking’ is inspired by my own origin story. I fell in love with the notion that, *providing you’re well intentioned* : when you ask for what you want, more often than not, the answer will be YES! All you need is the conviction to ask.

My first ever paintings were actually awful! Hahaha. When I look back at them it serves as a reminder to make ‘the art of asking’ a priority again. I often forget, but continuously asking the universe for WHAT YOU WANT, is an important ritual to living authentically.

I’ve got something special launching soon. You have to trust me, but I’m going to have to ASK you for your help...

ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT!! Be general or specific. Serious or funny. It’s a big experiment and I’ll be selecting some of the ‘ASKS’ and I’ll probably put a silly, large amount of effort into making them come true for you.

Okay love you bye!