Thank you so much to everyone that applied & voted.
A big congratulations to the shortlisted 50 artists, they were all so amazing! The votes are in for the 5 winners...

Holly Garbett, Loepy Thissen, Karley Mcilwaine, Charlotte Gurran and Mónica Esquivel


We're thrilled to announce the return of 'Brewing'. Building on the huge success of our exhibition in Carnaby, London, we're now extending this concept to open the doors of Sophie Tea's creative haven in Manly, Sydney, for an exclusive residency experience in January for 2 weeks.

'I’m so excited to welcome 5 artists to share my studio space. Honestly, I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to launch this, us creatives really need to stick together! I’ve been an artist for 9 years and I have had 9 studio moves!! How crazy is that??!! 3 years ago I was finally in a position to properly invest in a space that I could SET UP! This studio is all I’ve ever dreamed of, everyday it feels like a big playground and that anything is possible. I don’t own it, but it really is one of the most important things in my life.

Having the space to work without restriction is magic and for so many years I would have loved for a space, even for a short period of time, to make a mess WITHOUT RESTRICTION!!

2 weeks complete access to the studio and equipment. I have a pottery wheel, boujiest printers you’ve ever seen, canvas stretching, brushes, photo studio, backdrops, VR headsets, film, tufting guns and so much more. I want you to feel that freedom and make something bigger than you thought possible. So yeah… this is the first one, but if all goes well I’d love for this to become a rolling, permanent part of what I’m trying to build.

Lots of love and luck!
Sophie xxx'

You must have submitted your form by the 21st of November 9am to be included in the competition. Voting opens 5pm 21st November and closes at 9am on 28th of November.. Winner announced 1st December. All times are in GMT. Sophie Tea Art will not cover any travel costs to Sydney Australia/Sydney.

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Sophie Tea introduced 'Brewing' back in September where she opened her gallery doors to welcome aspiring and emerging artists.

The concept began as I know when you’re thinking about a career as an artist it can be really daunting on where to start or what to do! I thought having a gallery show in Carnaby, London might give aspiring artists that extra push of confidence needed to make the leap! Also, an opportunity to make a sale and gain that much needed ‘putting yourself out there’ experience.

There was over 1,500 applications, shortlisted to 50 and over 20,000 public votes to narrow it down to 25 winners. A huge congratulations to the successful artists, the exhibition saw an influx of people visiting the gallery, browsing and purchasing from the collection! Some of the artists made their very first sales.


Row 1:
Auriane Phillippon 'Tumultuous Waves @aurianestudio | Axelle Liora 'CANDY CANES' | Beth Evans 'Percy Pigs' @b.evansdesigns | Bethany Clarke 'Run my Mind' | Bronwyn Vermeulen 'The Sirens' @mypurpledaisyselflove | Carly Klingbiel 'Where Mysterious Flowers Bloom' @carlyklingbiel | Faye Greenman 'GIRLHOOD' @fayegreenman | Holly Bright 'Your place or mine?' @hollybrightart | Julia Apostolidou Paperthin @byjulialidou | Kate Carter 'ARRIVE' @katecarterart | Kate Roberts 'It’s only forever @whatkatysartdid | Katie McGowan 'Honeydew' @katiemcgowanart | Keeley McSweeney 'Indulge' @keeleyfmp | Kirsty Turner 'Robert DeNiro' | Leigh Dodimead 'Sam' | Lilly Maddocks 'Lake Tekapo' @Lily.mmadd

Row 2:

Marley Darke 'Positano' @inkillustrations | Melissa Laurence 'Tea from the Garden' @lissart_studio | Miriam Amankwa 'A blossom of lilies' @drawescapism | Molly Forden 'Serpentine' @mollymack_art | Paige Barnwell 'Natural Desires' @paigebarnwell | Sarah Jaban 'Middle Eastern Siren' @MonofinMermaids | Yazmin Gill 'Warm Embrace' @yasmingillart | Zoe Louise 'No Point Crying' @zoeloudesign | Annabelle Louisa 'Paddy’s Lazy Afternoon' @annabelle.artwork | 'Twiggles 'BEEP!' @twiggles