Sophie Tea Art Giveaway - 12 Days of Christmas!

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We’ve done lots of brainstorming here at Sophie Tea Art to get you all in the Christmas mood. We bring to you… Sophie Tea’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!



It’s the time of giving after all and we always want to thank you guys for being a part of this journey and being the best customers/friends/followers ever!

Sooooo the give away is split into two parts:

PART A: Think Giftcards, Psychedelic Lion Jackets, Mini Abstracts and so much more! Now they won’t ALL be physical prizes (we got rent to pay) however you guys are always asking Sophie questions about her work and tutorials etc so we’ve got some other nice things planned as well. Everything will be released via Instagram at 8pm about how to enter and what the prize is. We’re not giving away (lol giveaway) too much right now though, you’ll have to turn your post notifications on and check her Instagram at 8pm to see what’s being released! So far we’ve had a £100 Giftcard and a week for artists to use Sophie’s studio!

PART B: Everyday an animal print will be 20% off for 24 hours ONLY! Two animals will be posted on Sophie’s story on the day and you can vote for your favourite. The winner of the two and the 20% off code will be released on Instagram at 8pm. Head over to her Instagram Story now to cast your vote.

We hope you’re as excited for Christmas as we are!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from The Sophie Tea Art Team

P.S if you’re struggling for a last minute Christmas present, check out our BRAND NEW Sophie Tea Art Gift Cards here.


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