10 Easy and Simple Ways To Have a More Sustainable Christmas

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We’ve teamed up with WWF UK to share with you, 10 small changes that you can make this Christmas which will make a BIG difference.

Something as simple as your Christmas dinner, to the presents you’re buying are a couple of things that you can look at changing this year.


1. Utilise Your Leftovers!
I don’t know about you guys but we always have so much left over food at Christmas and it feels like we eat turkey sandwiches for days on end. But seriously find ways to incorporate your leftover foods into soups, risottos etc. Don’t leave anything left over!

2. Buy Frozen Veg Instead of Fresh
This is one that shocked us here at the studio! But yeah, apparently it’s better for you, cheaper and less wasteful. We’ll definitely be investing in frozen brussels this Christmas…

3. Go and Make Memories Instead
Instead of buying presents that we really don’t want (no more perfume gift sets please) then why not purchase an experience. You could get tickets to a concert, a play, a museum, go and visit another city or country… the list is endless!

4. Gift an Adopted Animal!!!
You get regular updates and a cuddly toy if you adopt with WWF UK, check out all the info you need here and go and help a furry friend xxx

5. Make Sure Your Wrapping Paper is Recyclable
Ensure it’s FSC certified paper OR use brown recycled paper and decorate it yourself, get creative! We made sure our Sophie Tea Art Paper (used for our Gift Cards) was before we ordered it.


6. Use Real Trees Over Fake
I’ve seen lots of pretty trees posted on Instagram however a LOT of fake ones. Now it may seem more sustainable to buy a fake tree and use it forever. But just a two foot fake tree actually has twice the carbon footprint of a real one, get a real one if you can guys!

7. Recycle Your Trees!
Check with your local council to find out how and where to recycle your tree.

8. Try a Veggie Christmas Dinner
Swap out your turkey for a nutroast or a mushroom wellington this year, you might actually prefer it…

9. Try a Reusable Advent Calendar
If you have a reusable advent calendar you can put new things in every year and mix it up. You and your partner or bestie can even do them for each other so it’s still a surprise!

10. Buy Sophie Tea Art (or any art tbh)
Ok SOO this one wasn’t exactly given to us by WWF… BUT your art won’t end up in landfill because you guys will obviously keep it on your walls forever and pass it on, we hope! We’ve also launched our Sophie Tea Art Gift Sets, where you can choose to donate 5% of your purchase to your chosen charity, including WWF! Plus you get a little extra something depending on which charity you choose.

How many can you tick off the list this Christmas?

Lots of love,
The Sophie Tea Art Team xxxxxx

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