The Abstract Challenge Reloaded... This Time it's Flexible!

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It’s been 6 months since the end of The Abstract Challenge and we’re happy to announce it’s starting again TONIGHT @ 8PM. But now you can pay in instalments!!!

Those of you who are new here (oh hiya!) or are wondering what the hell The Abstract Challenge is here’s a lil’ break down:

SO, Sophie decided last year that she was going to stop painting animals and move onto abstract art. It was a way to ease you guys into the transition and to really experiment with her techniques and materials. She posted an A3 Framed Abstract on Instagram every day at 8pm for 100 days. The first person to comment ‘me’ purchased the piece of art. Every single one of her pieces sold within seconds, some days were even doubles and triples!

‘Last time, every single one sold. I’m pretty bloody scared because lol at me if these don’t but I just gotta keep pushing and putting myself out there. It’s the only way I’m going to get better! I hope you like my challenge, I’m going to do the piece on the day that I post it. Doing the abstract challenge last time was to introduce my work. Now, I feel like I’ve really got to know how to work with the materials. So this challenge will be kept at £400 but I will be putting the prices up straight after. Thanks for everything and for understanding, Sophie xxxxxxx’

The important bits:

  • A3 original piece of art - £400

  • You can pay in monthly instalments, £100 per month OR in full (your choice)

  • Comes in a white frame with gold or silver Leaf

  • Released EVERYDAY at 8PM

  • First comment on the Instagram post gets it

  • BE QUICK xxxxx

Happy abstract challenging guys!!!

Thanks for reading xxxxx
Lots of love, The Sophie Tea Art Team

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