Sophie Tea Art Payment Plans - Everything You Need to Know

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At the end of 2018 we introduced Sophie Tea Art Payment Plans, a much more affordable way for you to purchase original paintings. Sophie gets asked how the payment plan works all the time so we decided to put together a little blog post just answering our most common questions.

Here we go!

Is there any interest?

Absolutely no interest guys!

Do I have to enter my details every month?
Nope! When you make your first payment, the same payment will be automatically taken on that date a month later and so on.

Is the payment plan available for the large commissions as well as the A3 abstracts?
Yes! We offer the payment plan across ALL original art, it will soon become available for prints too as SOON as we implement a plug in on our website.

How much can you pay a month?
So it’s quite flexible as long as the exact same payment is being taken every month. You can choose what’s most suitable for you, our most popular plans are:
£400 A3 Abstract = 4 x £100 monthly payments
£1,800 24”x30” Abstract Commission on canvas = 6 x £300 monthly payments

Do I have to wait till all of the payments have been made to receive my art?
Nope! Typically you will receive your artwork within receiving your first instalment.
Currently there are three types of instalments purchases you may make and I’ll breakdown the timescale for them all.
1. Abstract 100 Order Link: No matter what your form of payment is these will arrive to you within 6 weeks of your order.
2. Abstract Challenge or ‘First DM Gets it’: These will be posted out within 5 working days after we have received first payment.
3. Large Abstract Commission: Up to 6 months however if you have a specific date in mind don’t let this put you off as it purely depends on schedule.

What’s the maximum time scale I can spread my payments across?
Absolutely anything up to 12 months as long as the minimum is £100 a month.

What if I decide I just want to pay the remainder of my balance?
Just get in contact with us and we can give you a payment link to pay off your balance and then we can cancel your subscription for you. Easy!

We hope that’s answered all of your questions, if you have any more or would like to commission a piece of art then please get in contact with me on

Thank you for all your support always,
The Sophie Tea Art Team xxxxxx

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