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Hey loves,

I want to introduce you to my new collection of paintings which I have created especially for the opening of my brand new London gallery. There are four pieces in the collection and I have named them after the four elements;

FLUIDITY - For Water, symbolic of dreaming, regeneration and healing.
GROUNDED - For Earth, symbolic of stability, creativity and wisdom.
EMBER - For Fire, symbolic of energy, passion and strength.
WINDROSE - For Air, symbolic of harmony, imagination and communication.

Within this new era I find myself drawn to these ideas of growth and for me these elements and what they symbolise are all a part of that emotional and physical experience of change.

I chose to finish these paintings in a way that would allow me to create something absolutely unique. From these paintings I will be releasing limited edition prints that will be hand finished by me. There will be 25 editions of each available and no two will be the same.

The hand finished elements will include acrylic, oil and iridescent paint, oil pastel and thick medium. These embellishments will spill beyond the border, explode out of the paper and shimmer in the light making each print truly one of a kind. Each print will be like a ‘choose my own adventure’ painting and I cannot wait to see the different versions each one will become!

You won’t be able to see an exact replica of what I will create as each finished print will be one of a kind. I promise, you will love it but you will just have to trust me!

This collection is incredibly close to my heart as I really feel as though I’m on the right path and my creativity within this new era is endless.

As always, I want to thank you for being here and for your unwavering support.

All my love, Sophie xxx


What are they?
These special edition prints are high resolution scans of the original artworks, which are then hand finished by Sophie using an assortment of mediums including acrylic and oil paints. Each print will be printed using archival pigment on finest premium paper.

When will they be released?
Sunday 18th September 12pm (BST)
The prints will be available online for 24hrs only or until sold out. After this time they will only be available to be purchased in the gallery.

73cm x 73cm

How much are they?
Worldwide delivery included.

Bespoke white frame included.

Will they be signed?
Yes. Each print will be hand signed and numbered.

I want to pay in full, can I?
Yes, you can pay for your piece in full.

Can I pay in monthly instalments?
Yes, you can! We are using a new system to make your instalment plans easier to manage. You will need to create an account on so you are set up ready for when the products are released!

You will then have the option to pay for your print in 12 monthly instalments of £250. However, there will also be an option to increase your down payment and tailor your instalment plan between 2-12 months. You don’t need to have finished all your instalments to receive your print, we will send it out as soon as your first payment has been made.

What is
Making payments through is super easy and secure! Once you have created your account and your payment schedule is set up, you can pay each instalment by credit card, debit card, or bank account until you’ve paid your balance in full. does not require any credit checks and is interest free.

You can read more about how it works here.


How long is delivery?
You can expect your special delivery within 6-8 weeks of placing your order. We’ll make sure to send you shipping updates as soon as your piece is on its way to you. Don’t worry if you’re not in, there are options to amend your delivery!

These pieces will be available to purchase online from 12pm (BST) Sunday 18th September.

As always, if you are signed up to our newsletter you will have access to a 30 minute pre-release at 11.30am (BST)… meaning you can get your hands on one before everyone else.





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