Sophie Tea Art Artworks can be paid in full or with the instalment payment plans.
Please see below for further details on how payments are taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy peasy! Your payment is made and will confirm your order. Your order will be processed and dispatched.

Our bespoke instalments offer a more affordable way to purchase artwork. We are using a new system to make your instalment plans easier to manage. You will need to create an account on so you are set up ready for when the products are released!

There will also be an option to increase your down payment and tailor your instalment plan between 2-12 months. You don’t need to have finished all your instalments to receive your print, we will send it out as soon as your first payment has been made.

Making payments through is super easy and secure! Once you have created your account and your payment schedule is set up, you can pay each instalment by credit card, debit card, or bank account until you’ve paid your balance in full. does not require any credit checks and is interest free.

You can read more about how it works here.


Price range: £400+

Example Price Structure:
SMALL print: £400 = £100 every month for 4 months
MEDIUM print : £700 = £100 every month for 7 months
LARGE print: £1,000 = £100 every month for 10 months

*example costs only, pricing may vary.


Price range: £1,000 - £3,000

Example Price Structure:
Total of £3,000
£250 down payment
Remaining amount to be paid over 11 monthly instalments.

*example costs only, pricing may vary.


Example Price Structure:
Total of £5,000
Minimum 20% down payment
Remaining amount to be paid over 12 monthly instalments

*example costs only, pricing may vary.

We only accept one form of payment per order, but you can purchase as many products at the same time as you wish. We accept all forms of payment methods listed below:

- Visa

- MasterCard

- Paypal

- American Express

- Apple Pay

When placing an order, your billing address must match the information linked to your payment method. If your payment is declined, please contact the bank you are making the payment with.

Once you have made your payment, your order is complete and you will receive an order confirmation email after purchase. This will outline your order number and payment plan.

By signing the instalment plan agreement you acknowledge that you are  legally bound to these terms and required by law to make all payments on the agreed-upon payment dates. Should your instalments automatically cancel or ‘default’ you also acknowledge that Sophie Tea Art has the right to re-open your payment plan on your behalf using your provided payment method. 

If you have any outstanding 'defaulted' payment and make a new purchase we have the right hold your new purchased product until your instalment subscription has been reinstated. In the instance that you are not aware, someone will contact you to reinstate your defaulted subscription.