Can't Get Your Hands on a Sophie Tea Art Original? We've Made it Super Easy for You

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We have now added a selection of Sophie’s pieces from her Solo Art Show Glitterati for you to buy directly from the website!

We are constantly getting emails from customers enquiring about available artwork so we want to make it simple and quick for you. These artworks can be purchased in full, directly from the website or in monthly instalments if you send me an email on To see exact measurements of the pieces simply click on the image, you will also find monthly payment plan prices in this description.

The artworks in the collection are named after places where Sophie has travelled and which mean a lot to her. For example Jaipur is where Sophie travelled after University and began painting on hostel walls in exchange for a place to say. This is where she decided to give up her business graduate scheme and pursue an art career. Each city has a story and we hope you’re able to find the perfect Sophie Tea Art piece to brighten up your home.

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