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Hey loves,

So if you haven’t seen it on Insta already, I am in the depths of Hotel Quarantine. I’m 8 days in and losing my mind a little in isolation. I thought it might be nice (mainly for me) to catch up. I am feeling a little lonely and it will be nice to catch up. So on Sunday 24th, 10am (BST) I’ll be broadcasting LIVE on Instagram from my Sydney hotel room to have a little brekkie date.


Things to expect:

First Look at My New Era: Text! (I am buzzing to share the story behind this and also to give you sneek peek as to what I have done already. I can’t wait to update you on what I have been working on over the last few days.

Study Giveaway: yes! A chance to win a BRAND new study! I mean, how can I not give away a freebie to this new collection eyes? All will be revealed whilst I am LIVE.

A tour of my quarantine room: (thrilling!) I mean, it has just been over a week and it is a little messy (so I apologise in advance). I thought it would be nice to share the little space I’m making home for the two weeks and literally the only 4 walls I can see haha.

Q&A: Sooo many of you have asked for a Q&A. So I thought it would be nice to do while I am LIVE where more of you can join in too. Bring any questions you have with you to brekkie and I will happily answer them. Wheather this is about my latest travels to why I decided go have a change or anything at all…let’s have a chat over a brew.



I am buzzing to share the new era with you. See you all soon, Sophie xx

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