'GROW' Sydney Immersive Exhibition

We did it! Introducing the first show of my new era 'GROW'

Thank you so so much to everyone that came to my fantasy forest immersive exhibition!! 🪄🌲 I hope you enjoyed what we created xxx 

We handmade all of the installations from old, redundant packaging which was so important to me as otherwise it would have gone to waste. We're so proud at how resourceful we've been! Even our old Nudie applications letters were made into paper flowers so they were able to be a part of the exhibition, it really felt like a combination of past and present. This link of 'Nudes' and 'Grow' was also made with our 10 foot high, pink 'Woman' sculpture which was decorated entirely in flowers as you'll see in the images below.

 It was really important to me to introduce technology to this exhibition too as I love how it can enhance the viewing experience. We used AR technology with our piece 'In Full Bloom' where animated flowers and splats came to life when you scanned the artwork with your phone camera. VR technology was used as well in my Mushroom World, if you missed this you can see what I'm talking about in my latest Youtube here.

A huge thanks to my wonderful team who made this a night to remember. If you'd like to see what we created, I've popped some photos from the event below for you to browse.
To all my UK loves, don't worry... the London show is coming! 26th November 2022, save the date xxx

The entire 'Grow' Collection including the Special Edition print will be going live this Sunday 30th October at 12pm ❤️❤️ 
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'GROW' Special Edition Print
Dropping Sunday 30th October
12pm (UK time)
Sophie Tea Art 'Grow' Special Edition Print
Important details: 

Special Edition Print
Limited Edition of 1000
Bespoke, white frame included
£1,500 (in full) or 10 x £150 monthly payments
Includes Worldwide Delivery

For more information regarding the Special Edition Print please click here.

Any questions, please pop an email over to the team at studio@sophieteaart.com