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Heyyyyy loves!


Friday for 24 hours ONLY I will be dropping these beauties. 9am U.K. time!! 🖤🖤 Happy to be finally releasing a MONOCHROME painting, sorry it took me so long, hopefully, worth the wait. Me first layers look banging. PLUS: we have a brand new size this time! XL BABY.

Small (25.5 x 34cm) - £450
Medium (38 x 50cm) - £750
Large (57 x 75.7cm) - £1,185
XL (85.5 x 113.6cm) - £2,000

Please add about a cm to width and length to account for the frame

All come in handmade frames, choice of black or white. The deposit is £100, if you decide to buy the pair then the deposit still remains £100 so yeh, that’s taken off your total 🗞

You can pay in instalments for the rest of your pieces over 12 months. I’m painting them in stages together so they matchy matchy.
Boobs and bum.

P.S if you want a small or medium, be quick, they go fast!

Love ya!


When do they go live?
Friday 27th November (BLACK FRIDAY) - 9am for 24 hours only

Is there a discount to buy the set?
Yesss £100 off if you buy the pair! You will have to enter the code BOTH on checkout to receive the discount. This only applies if you order the pair x

How do I pay in monthly instalments?
All you need to do is pay £100 deposit per print. We will then send a follow-up email with your monthly instalments link.

How much is it a month after I pay my deposit?
So it differs for each size, here’s the breakdown:

SMALL: £450 = £100 deposit then £116.66 x 3 months
MEDIUM: £750 = £100 deposit then £108.33 x 6 months
LARGE: £1,185 = £100 deposit then £105.50 x 10 months
XL: £2,000 = £100 deposit then £158.33 x 12 months

If you would like to pay in full there will also be a payment option for this!

Do the pieces come framed?
Yesss! Professional framing included. Option for either white or black frame.

30 minute pre-release as usual - subscribe to the newsletter to get it!

What are the measurements?

There are three sizes:

Small (25.5 x 34cm) - £450
Medium (38 x 50cm) - £750
Large (57 x 75.7cm) - £1,185
XL (85.5 x 113.6cm) - £2,000


  • £100 discount if you buy both!

  • Frame included (white or black option)

  • Four sizes (BRAND NEW XL SIZE)

  • Only 100 editions per size, small and medium go quickest so be fast!

  • Pay in full or pay £100 deposit and pay the remainder in instalments!

  • Live from 9am for 24 hours only

  • 8:30am pre-release - click here to subscribe!

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