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5th November
9pm (GMT) 

Exclusive to Nifty Gateway

'I am so excited to finally announce my second launch of NFTs! After my first release completely sold out within 4 seconds, I wanted to create 4 brand new artworks that personify my brand new era ‘Grow’. I hope you love them!'


When do they go live?

Saturday 5th November on Nifty Gateway

How many are being released?

There will be two separate NFT projects, with four artworks in total. 

1: 'GROW' - 3 Separate artworks with 10 editions each
2: 'WELCOME" - A single open edition artwork


'GROW’ Limited Edition Collection - 9.00PM (GMT)

’WELCOME’ Open Edition Artwork - 9.30PM (GMT) for 24 hours only

How much are they?

’GROW’ Limited Edition - $399 each (USD)

’WELCOME’ Open Edition - $199 each (USD)

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3 separate artworks with 10 editions each 

The ‘GROW’ Artworks are a first come first served drop (FCFS) and will consist of 3 separate NFTs. There will be 10 editions of each artwork bringing the total number available to 30. 

"‘Grow’ is a visual representation of the female experience of change. Taking inspiration from all women and my own experiences, I’ve made 3 ladies strutting down a catwalk, all in a bid to celebrate nature and the female form. 2 of the most beautiful things on the planet."


Edition of 10


Edition of 10


Edition of 10

9.00PM GMT 

9,00PM GMT

9.00PM GMT 

Open Edition (Live for 24 hours only)

'Welcome' Special Rewards:

9 collectors will be picked at random to receive a physical, hand-finished print of the NFT.

"This NFT is a statement about acceptance. Throughout my career I have always felt like an outsider in the art world. Part of that, is because I have chosen to go on this journey completely free of representation and just making it all up as I go along. 

Still to this day I'll go into a gallery and feel like I don’t deserve to be there, maybe I don’t? But that feeling of inadequacy, is something I never want anyone to experience. 

In 2020 I decided to open my first gallery on Carnaby Street, London. My ONLY vision was to create a space that made people feel welcome! Because quite frankly, it’s a fucken pleasure to have anyone interested in my artwork... You don’t have to have money, an art degree, or even be dressed a certain way. Just PLEASE, come in, enjoy and have a brew on me! 

It was important for me to immortalise this concept into my digital work. So, I made this NFT. It’s a crazy pink cave with a huge fur sofa, cushions, mushrooms and more of my favourite things. It’s made to make you feel relaxed and loved, coz that's what it's all about hey?"


Open Edition

9.30PM GMT 

About Nifty Gateway:

NO gas fees
We don't want you to worry about transferring ETH and calculating gas fees to buy an NFT with us. So on Nifty Gateway you don't pay any gas fees! We're an NFT custodian, which means your NFTs are stored directly in your Nifty Gateway account. This saves you hassle and money.

Payment Options
Want to pay with a credit card? A debit card? Gemini balance? ETH stored in a wallet? You can pay with any of those, and you don’t have to worry about calculating gas fees. Please note that the Nifty Gateway Currency is USD if you want to pay with a credit card or a debit card.

Your NFTs are secure AND verified
Nifty Gateway is owned by Gemini, which means the NFTs you buy have a crypto-native exchange providing industry-leading security. This also means that your NFTs are verified — no right-click scams here.

Integration with Gemini
 Any ETH you have to spare that you bought on Gemini can be used to buy that sweet curated drop.

How to prepare for the launch:

1. Firstly set up a Nifty Account 

Click the button to sign up/login located in the top right corner of Nifty Gateway’s landing page. You can also use the signup link here.

You will need to enter a valid email address, choose a username, enter your name, and choose a password. Then you are all set up with a Nifty Gateway account!

4. Buy your NFT
We will send the direct link to everyone subscribed to our newsletter. Select your Sophie Tea Art NFT, click buy, enter your credit card info and hit purchase. You’re done!

Alternatively you can connect your Metamask wallet and pay with Ethereum, for information on how to do this please click here!

What currency will I be paying for the NFTs in?
If you purchase with your debit card you will pay in USD if you choose to connect your wallet you will be paying is ETH.

More information to come soon! Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to get the link via newsletter!

 If you have any more questions please pop an email to you can also check our latest Q&A here.

Thank you so much for supporting us on this digital journey!

Lots of love always, 
Sophie Tea team xxx