Holographic Multi-Drop

I'm very proud to announce this collection of artworks across different mediums and styles, all unified by holographic elements. Iridescence has always fascinated me, because it's like magic. I love how a simple shift in light and perspective can afford you what you're looking for.

There are 6 collections in total and each one has a limited number of pieces available.

You are able to purchase any product in full or in monthly instalments. Taxes and worldwide delivery included.

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Date | 26.11

Time | 12pm (BST) 11:30am pre-release

There are 6 collections in total in 'Flash':

Holographic Nudes | Multi-Stacked Nudes | Nudes on Perspex | Lumps and Bumps | Holo Boobs | Mini Manifestations

Each collection has a limited number of pieces available

Purchase any product in full or in monthly instalments

Worldwide shipping & taxes included

Iridescence can be likened to both a colour and a palette existing in single form. It’s a phenomenon that occurs when certain surfaces appear to change colours depending on where the light hits or the viewers vantage point.

The surface has microscopic structures that interfere with the illumination and pigments, BASICALLYYYY transforming my artworks into these beautiful kaleidoscopic illusions. It’s made me love my work more than I’ve ever done before (artists will know that’s an important feeling xxx)

I’ve been doing some reading its history and the world ‘iridescent’ originates from the Greek word ‘iris’ meaning rainbow. Iris derives from the name of a GODDESS in Greek mythology too!!!To have the privilege of painting such powerful women on a holographic surface feels kinda poetic.

I’ve been working with the material for just over a year and for me there is such a beautiful juxtaposition of emotions when I walk into the studio everyday.

On one hand it feels so futuristic and modern, it reminds me of being completely overwhelmed with all the opportunities that the future holds. It’s weird that a material alone can make you feel like that. Like I have my whole life ahead of me yano??!!

On the other hand (this feels so stupid to write down ahha) but it fills me with nostalgia. Honestly I don’t know why but it reminds me of Sabrina and The Teenage Witch ahha and going into the other realm. And also of my groovy chick pencil case I had in school.

I’ve always gravitated to the shiniest brightest item available. It’s reminds me of treasuring my childlike qualities and memories, serving as a reminder to not lose my sense of fun and play. I’m just scratching the surface with its applications and I can’t wait to learn more about its possibilities.

Love you,

Sophie xxx