Breaking the traditional gallery route by selling solely through Instagram to her 240k+ following, Sophie Tea is disrupting the art industry and creating an art brand that is accessible to all. 

From painting vibrant and powerful art which celebrates the female form, to her mesmerising hearts, Sophie Tea’s style is present with her energetic drips and signature splats. The Artist prides herself on art that makes people feel good and has created a relentless demand for her pieces that sell within seconds. This is uninterrupted after diving into a newer digital space and selling out of her latest 'WOMEN' NFTs in just 4 seconds. 

Sophie has exhibited in London, LA, Sydney, Hong Kong, Miami and Tel Aviv, with galleries and studios in the heart of both Sydney and London and has received rave reviews from The Sunday Times for her bold and creative masterpieces. Sophie Tea has created a revolutionising, digital first, art empire with a captivated audience following her around the globe whether that's in-person or online. With refreshing themes and thought-provoking messaging, she is leading in a new era for the art industry.


ELLA - Chief Marketing Officer | London

NICOLE - Director of Operations | Sydney

LUCY - Sales and Marketing | London


RACHAEL - IT & Operations MANAGER | London

RUMER - Creative Studio Assistant | Sydney


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For any press or collab enquiries please contact Ella at ella@sophieteaart.com